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For Developers or Managers

Start your IOTA exploration with a learning and knowledge base officially supported by the IOTA Foundation

Course Details
Become an experienced IOTA developer or an IOTA skilled Manager
Get insights into programming libraries and resources or understand the business values, advantages & benefits of IOTA
Send & receive transaction & messages in the tangle or learn actively how to set up a successful IOTA project as a manager
Create & access data streams with IOTA STREAMS or find a new data-based business model with IOTA, e.g. for your existing business

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Learn Anywhere

You can learn anywhere with you native learning app around the world – even offline. Enjoy the advantages of mobile learning e.g. push notifications, tests, quizzes and a messenger to exchange with trainers or other participants.

Enjoy Proximity to the IOTA Foundation

Get great insights into the IOTA Foundation, their plans & strategy - the latest technology developments - all the latest use cases of IOTA and much more. Benefit from Approved Learning Content and become an experienced IOTA Developer or IOTA Manager TODAY!

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Curated Content

Save time with access to complete course materials that are always up-to-date.

Approval of the IOTA Foundation (IF)

Course & Training tested & approved by IF. Parts of the Courses and Trainings coauthored by the IF.

Direct contact to trainers

Personal + direct contact to trainers via messenger for 6 weeks (not available in the App Only Courses) for your questions.

Highly practical DLT knowledge

High learning transfer through a balanced combination of theory + practice incorporating the latest DLT Knowledge.

Mobile First

App-based learning (beautiful learning app, offline-usage, push notification, quizzes, community, messenger, etc.) b. Editorial team support & help desk.

Expand your DLT Network

Make friends in the DLT space and within the DLT & IOTA community with other course participants. Exchange experiences, learn & grow.

Modern learning didactics

Use a modern didactic structure, assembled by learning pro’s. Making it easy to train and learning with lessons sticking in your memory.

Homework to test your skills

Active Learning Elements e.g. like Homework enrich your learning experience (not available in the App Only Course). Tests & quizz battles against others strengthen skills & are fun.

IOTA Certified Developer

IOTA developer certification is independent of the training courses and can be taken as a separate process.

Certification Workflow

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  • Acquire your personal IOTA Certificate after the course
  • Get tested by IOTA Foundation Developers in special oral examinations
  • YOUR personal IOTA CERTIFICATE will be documented on the TANGLE
  • Comes with additional cost (not included in Course price)


In the near future, many economies will be transformed through DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) because they are changing the way businesses operate and transact with each other. But even DLTs develop over time and new DLTs solve the short-comings of the first and second generation of linear Blockchains (low scalability, high energy consumption as well as transaction fees).

Third generation and exponential scaling DLTs like IOTA offer a Block-free , low-energy consumption, zero-fee micro transactions, democratized source of “truth” and also allow transactions with a "no single point of failure". These and other benefits enable businesses to act faster with maximum security and they also dramatically reduce cost in processes, which benefits the Industrial IOT (in Germany also called Internet 4.0).

Smart Cities

The IOTA Foundation (IF) works relentlessly on the future of a decentralized machine to machine (M2M) economy and offers DLT Enthusiasts, as well as businesses, a new way to quickly adapt knowledge about IOTA and prepare for decentralized economies and their changing business models.

In close cooperation with the IOT ONE ACADEMY, a deep tech academy located in Berlin and Shanghai, the IF has developed IOTA trainings to help developers and managers to learn and understand the IOTA Technology. All courses come with hands-on experience and a practical approach integrating many use cases, the IF meanwhile provides this training for purchase here on

The IOT ONE ACADEMY is a deep tech academy for mainly corporate education of employees in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also called Industry 4.0 in Germany.

The digital academy supports companies in digitizing parts of their production and administration with the latest IoT-Technologies. Blockchain, and particularly IOTA courses of a wide range, are a strategic focus area of the IOT ONE Academy. The digital age of the M2M economy and the change coming with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a game changer for wide parts of the industry and IOTA is best positioned for IIOT. The particularly practice-oriented, digital academy IOT ONE ACADEMY therefore uses the latest didactic, app-based methods to enable particularly sustainable learning and a high level of learning transfer.

Course Details Managers

This course contains the following content and enables managers with:

  • Profound knowledge about IOTA Foundation, backgrounds & the strategic big picture, the story, the insights & existing industrial Use-Cases (not to find online)
  • Differences between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Blockchains and when to use which
  • Understand DLT Trust Layers for a Decentralized Economy & how to use IOTA to transform your business. Know about advantages & benefits of DLT / IOTA.
  • Understand & leverage resistance in your company to successfully implement DLT
  • Develop an idea / vision for your first practice-oriented IOTA application project incl. challenging the idea with IOTA trainers & experts (not in the App Only Course)

Course Details Developers

This course contains the following content and enables coders with:

  • Basic understanding of IOTA technology
  • Overview of the IOTA ecosystem and applications
  • Overview of programming libraries and resources
  • Sending and receiving transactions and messages in the Tangle
  • Sending and receiving data streams with the MAM library
Any questions? Ask us

If you have questions regarding the course topics or the handling or the products please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail please to Thank you!


Course Benefits

Curated training content

Saving of time (You don't have to research IOTA contents on your own)

Completeness of curriculum (we made sure there is nothing missing)

Up-to-dateness through proximity to the Foundation (actual developments are regularly published)

Modern learning didactics, highly practical

Modern didactic strucutre, assembled by learning professionals

High learning transfer through a balanced combination of theory and practice

Mobile first & direct contact to trainers

App-based learning with access through a learning app allowing for offline-usage, push notifications, quizzes, community connections, messenger services and more

Support & help desk access by an editorial team

Personal and direct contact to trainers via messenger and/or seminars (not available in online only course)

Approval of the IOTA Foundation (IF)

All Courses and Trainings have been tested and approved by the IF

Parts of the Courses and Trainings have been co-authored by the IF

IOTA Certificate

Offer to additionally purchase an IOTA Certification after passing a special oral examination held by members of the IOTA Foundation to ensure high quality

A certification is costly and not included in the course costs and can be carried out separately on request


IOTA Developer Certification is independent of the training courses and can be booked separately.

Certification Workflow

Booking this certification is the first step to becoming an official IOTA Foundation accredited and certified developer.

In order to complete the certification process, you will have to demonstrate your IOTA knowledge in two assessments:

  • An online assessment
  • A personal 15min assessment via video call

The certification is based on the current technology stack, it will be updated when there are significant changes to the technology.

Certificates do not expire, but are only applicable to the stack referenced on the certificate title.

The current certification offered is: Certified IOTA Developer 2019

Validation link of Demo User Certificate on the IOTA Tangle:

Achieving certification

Online Assessment


After completing the buying process on eventbrite you will receive a link to an online assessment with a series of questions. The assessment needs to be passed in order to proceed to step 2.

After passing the online assessment you will be able to select the time of your choice from a series of available meeting slots.

Personal Assessment


A representative of the IOTA Foundation will send you a personal invite through google meet to the Email address with which was provided by eventbrite. It is not possible to change the email address between the first and second assessment. At the time of your choosing, the IOTA representative will go with you through the questions, follow-up on the online assessment and inquire more details about your decisions on the previous test, as well as a couple more questions to test your understanding of the IOTA technology.



After passing both the online and personal assessments the attendee is considered a certified IOTA developer.

The IOTA Foundation will issue a digital certificate to the email address provided by eventbrite. The details of the certificate will be held on the IOTA Tangle in an encrypted transaction and the validity of the certificate can be verified through the IOTA Tangle at (see example above).


This is NOT a training course. (Please visit Course Details or contact for onsite or group trainings.)

Please test your technical setup before the personal meeting

A no-show >3 minutes after the planned meeting will result in a failed certification.

Any questions? Ask us

Book Certification


The API that is used to generate the certificates and store them on the Tangle is available free for use.

You can read the documentation here IOTA Certification API Docs

To use the API you must request an organization ID by clicking the button below.

Request API Access

Choose a plan that works for you

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Pure Digitial


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA Foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App

Blended Training


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App
  • Chat support by IOTA-certified Trainers (for managers)

Blended Seminar


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA Foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App
  • Chat support by IOTA-certified Trainers (for managers)
  • Seminar with IOTA-certified Trainers (for managers)

Pure Digitial


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA Foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App

Blended Training


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App
  • Chat support by IOTA-certified Trainers (for developers)

Blended Seminar


  • Great Curated Content
  • Co-produced with IOTA Foundation
  • Multi-device Learning App
  • Chat support by IOTA-certified Trainers (for developers)
  • Seminar with IOTA-certified Trainers (for developers)

We do offer reduced prices for students or active members of the IOTA community as well as underprivileged persons.
If you think you are eligible for a price reduction please write us an email to and we can possibly reduce the price by half, thank you.

There is a plan that suits your learning

Pure Digitial


A six week online training via the app.

Blended training (app + direct contact to trainers via messenger)


The app, along with a dedicated IOTA-certified Trainer (for either developers or managers) via messenger to challenge the participants through practical tasks and answer questions on demand during the duration of the course,

Blended seminar (app + direct contact via messenger to trainers + onsite seminars in Berlin with the same trainers)


The participants can also choose a 3-day onsite seminar, supported by online training & trainer support via App before and after the seminar. Group seminars and international locations can be booked on demand.

How long does the course last in total?

Courses start normally daily and last from start to finish about 6 weeks.

Participants are free to work on their own pace though, so they can start whenever they paid. However, six weeks is recommended for the best results in sustainable learning transfer because good things take time.

For the seminars we start in groups of about 5-10 participants. Small groups are great to ask questions and learn from experiences.